Financial Planing

Pioneer Wealth Management are Authorized  brokers. As independent financial advisors we have access to international and local providers in the region to allow us to create a solution tailored to your specific needs.

As an expat Living in the UAE, we live in a tax-free country. Offshore Investments are portable and can be easily managed from anywhere in the world.

Deciding where to Invest and through what channel and also which funds and different investments can be tough, we at PWM understand your requirements and guide you in the right direction to achieve the desired results. Whether you are a high net worth individual investing Lump Sums or a starter in a savings plan we can help.

Emergency Money

As an Expat emergency money should be your first priority, this money should be readily available for Emergencies like Job Loss or sudden Illness etc. An Ideal amount would be six months of expenses.

Life Insurance and Critical Illness

One of the most important aspects of Financial Planning is Life Insurance along with Critical Illness which is a Living benefit.

These together protect dependents in case of untimely demise.

Monthly Savings

Paying YOU on the first day of the month is one of the best ways of saving. The money out of your bank account into a savings plan will eventually come back as a lump sum when needed. Regular monthly dollar cost averaging also helps to fight against inflation.

Offshore Bonds

Offshore Bonds or Portfolio Bonds are instruments provided by Life Insurance Companies where one can hold different assets like equities, bonds, notes and cash etc. the good thing about these are they are cost effective and easily administered, also they give you access to all your investments in a single statement.

Strategy and Planning